Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Celebrate Kristen!

On October 22, 1965, our first child was born. Kristen Louise. Of course my biggest dream in all the world was to have baby, so her birth was a fulfillment of that dream. We are proud of how she has turned out and how sweet and loving she is to her mom and dad. For her birthday last week, Gram and I met her for lunch. We ate at a little hometown restaurant at the end of Gram's street, called "Gregs." The food was very good and Gram, Kristen and I enjoyed being together. Since Gram does not get out too much, it was so good to have her with us. I had a wonderful week with Gram. We got out about 4 times to various places including the mall. I regret a lot that I do not live closer to her, but our week was sweet and I will go back again after the first of the year.

Tom and Jerry "ZZZZZZZ"

Gatlin has gotten to where he likes to watch cartoons some. I have to admit it does help a little when I am busy. Today he got one of Chloe's baby dolls and went into the bedroom, climbed up on the chair and was watching "Tom and Jerry". Before long I looked in and found him sound asleep in the chair with the dolly in his lap. I moved him over to the bed and he had a good long nap. "Tom and Jerry" is an old cartoon, but compared to some of the kids stuff today, it seems to me to be more entertaining. At least it was for Gatlin today!