Friday, October 21, 2011

Wedding On The Beach

 Bryan and Rachel

     Last Saturday we headed down to Topsail Beach for a wedding. Our grandson, Bryan is in the Marines near Jacksonville, NC and he fell in love with a sweet girl, Rachel. It was a beautiful weekend and  Poppy, Kelly, Gabriel, Gatlin and I drove down on Friday and attended the lovely beach wedding the next day. Gatlin and Gabriel had a good time and were good travelers. The weather was wonderful at the beach and all weekend. Fall at it's best in North Carolina. Wishing the bride and groom and happy and blessed life together.

 Now For Family and Friends

 Bryan and Uncle Rob and Aunt Deanna
 Rachel, Josselyn and Gabriel
Bryan and Poppy

Bryan and Grammy

Our Family
 Gabriel and Bryan-Cousins

Beach Fun

Our Traveling Pictures

Gatlin on the porch of the Super 8

Doing some traveling stuff.

Yeah! Asleep
On Saturday night we spent a nice evening with Rob and Cecilia. Gatlin met some special
canine friends, their dogs, Cody, Cady and Charger. I must say that Gatlin was a good traveler and behaved really well on the whole trip.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween In A Jiffy!

Blog hopping today and ran across some Halloween decorating posts using primitive items from around the house. So my mind started thinking. What can I do for my table with the two pumpkins and gourds I bought and just left in the middle of the table?

The other day we pulled my dads old Nissan truck up from the field to take to the junk yard. In it was an old lunchbox that belonged to my dad, who passed away quite a few years ago. My mind started thinking and came up with the idea of cleaning it up and using it for a center piece with my pumpkins and gourds.

I got out my garage sale Halloween tablecloth and presto...a cute little rustic Halloween center piece.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Beach Room Finished

It is Gabriel's room, but I call it the "Beach Room". Maybe it is my nostologia coming through for our home town in Florida. I feel that a lot now since my mom passed away last year. And that is where she lived and I spent my teen years and many years as a young mom before moving to North Carolina. Maybe it is the cute room ideas I got from my "old" bedroom at my mom's home in Florida which my sister redecorated since  acquring the home after my mom's passing. At any rate, I decided to kick out the big boys that inhabited it and redecorate it in a beach theme. I think it turned out pretty nice. And, since the big boys have left and it is Gabe's room plus a tv room for the little kids, it is much more pleasing to enter and enjoy!

Wall with beadboard wallpaper and newly painted above.


 My mom's old Lazy Boy sofa bed with a new denim slipcover.
I love how the grass window shades turned out. The wicker table I
bought at a discount for 40.00 and added a thrift store lamp with a
shade which I covered with fabric. The border was already in the room and seem to fit the beach theme so I just kept it. Less work too. Pulling off borders is not fun.
 In the corner is a little shelf that already was in the room with our light house
figures we collected when at the beach in NC.
The thing I love most about this room and how it looks is the beadboard wallpaper I got from Home Depot. It looks just like the real thing without the cost and without the hard work of cutting wood. I tried to do the upper room in a very light aqua. It tured out nice but was a little darker than I thought I wanted. I used Olympic paint/primer from Lowes and it works really good for one coat. I hate to do two coats of paint on the same wall and this paint does the trick in one coat. I love it.

 My "on sale" L.L. Bean table with thrift store and Family Dollar knick knacks. Plus some shell
purchases Chloe and I made in Florida.

 I bought the TV stand at Roses for 40.00. I loved the 50's/60's look.
The antique wash stand is from my mom's home in Florida.
I hate to be a cheapy, ( acturally I like to be cheapy)  but the pictures around it are from Family Dollar's
summer collection. Oh, I see a half eaten sucker under the washstand.
 I ordered the nautical towels from "The Outer Banks Trading Company".
Painting is one done by my Aunt Alice who has passed away but was
a wonderful artist. Framed picture on stand is Kristen and Me on Ormond Beach, circa 1966.
This is Gabe's computer. I have had my mom's computer desk for quite a few years. It was a brown woodlike finish. I took a chance and primed and painted it white. It did turn out very nice and looks like it will hold it's paint.
I bought the computer chair from Target.
The two pillows on the couch were old pillows I was going to give away, but then decided to buy some nautical fabric and recover them.
 The L.L. Bean plant stand is so cute. I love the quote on the wall above, but it did not show up too well with the white letters. It says, "May you always have sand in your shoes and a
shell in your pocket."  Might reorder it in another color so it will stand out. The pictures above it are of my sweet grandkids and son at the beach.
 The painting is by my Uncle Tom who is Aunt Alice's brother. He is in Heaven now too. The two pictures on the side are another collection that Family Dollar had. Gabe loves music so I thought them appropriate.
I got the rug from a local furniture store. I think it set the room off just right and is indoor/outdoor so should be sturdy with all the kid stuff going on in our home.

So that is the finishsed room. I can go in there and feel good now and Gabriel has a room to sleep in.
I love the cottage/beach look and I think this room has that feel.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Just Thinking

  I love the look of this house in a small town near us. Maybe it is time for a change. Maybe we should move. Just maybe.