Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Salvation Army Finds, Just This Morning

The last week or so I have been looking for Easter "stuff" at thrift stores. I like it when thrift stores or Salvation Army puts their stuff out by season or holiday. Not having much to decorate with for the Easter season, I have been buying a few things. Just simple things but along about the middle of March, I will put them out. Here they are:

 A little ME frame, bunnies and kittys for Easter and a vintage planter
with USA Imperial printed on the bottom.

 Some more bunny friends. I also got a whole bunny village a few
weeks ago.

 Easter is on it's way and Spring along with it.

 Got to have a few stuffed bunnies. Be sure and give them a bath.

 A vintage dish with USA printed on the bottom. How long has it
been that we have had USA printed on anything?

The Webster's Elementary Dictionary. This is the exact same
dictionary I had to get with my school supplies back in the 50's.
Date is 1945 the year of my birth.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Good-by Valentine's Day

It is almost the end of February and I guess it is time to take down Valentine Decoraions. I did not post any pictures of my simple decorations yet so thought I would before I took them down and began to think about Easter and Spring. I have been picking up a few Easter decoations at thrift shops. Don't even bother to look at the major retail stores for decorations because they do not carry anything like they use to. I even noticed that this year that Wal-mart did not carry much of anything in the line of nice Christmas decorations. Target did carry quite a few but we have no Target less than 45 miles from us. So, just scour the thrift stores. They are full of Easter decorations right now and usually are good about putting out decorations in their season. I got a large decorative Easter flag for 4.00 at Salvation Army yesterday with a big bunny on it and it was brand new. Now, I know that Easter is the season of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ dying on the cross for our sins, but no harm in a little bunny display too. Anyway, I post a couple pictures of my very simple Valentine's Day decorations for this year.

 Just simple heart dollies strung on a ribbon, with a little
 red thrift store teddy bear and metal heart garland across the mantel.
Of course our greatest love should be for our Savior Jesus Christ.

 Dollar Tree finds across the kitchen sink window.

 Metal garland on top of my mom's china hutch which displays
picutres of our beautiful married children.

Just adding a picture of the painting my mom did of
Thunder Mountain on Lake Michigan where I
lived as a child. She was a very good artist and this
is my favorite painting of the few that she did. I love
you Mommy.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Just Some Miscellaneous Finds

Thinking of Easter, I found this cute Easter village at the Hospice thrift store. It is quite a while until Easter but I think all the little bunny homes will make a sweet display.

 My next find were these two flower prints that kind of look like paint by number but they aren't. I thought the colors were bright and cheery and they might look good with just the right frame.

We painted our family room ceiling this week and Grandma Gilliam's bird clock fell off the wall and kind of broke. We have paid no attention to this clock for years and it's batteries were dead. Grandma Gilliam had this clock hanging in her bedroom for years. I contemplated throwing it away but being the sentimentalist I am, I just could not. So I decided to glue it back together and I think I will paint the frame red and put it back to good use again. I love birds and this clock that was popular years ago makes a different bird call  on the hour. Keep posted and I will post a picture of it when I get it painted.

And here is Grandma Gilliam. I think she would be happy.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hooking Up With Outdoor Wednesday

These snowy pictures is what it has looked like here at our house last winter, but 
the fourth picture is what it looks like around here this winter. No snow at all and
going to be 61 degrees today. I think the daffodils will bloom early this year.
They are already coming up on the road to the church where they bloom 
about the 3rd week in February. The last picture is of the daffodils blooming
last year.

 Roxie was a puppy last year. So cute!
Chickadees love their winter seeds.

Branches down the driveway laden with snow.

 No snow at all this year. Such a mild winter.
 I am not complaining.

Daffodils blooming on the road to church last year.
Usually happens the 3rd week in February. Might  come
early this year.