Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mom

I have the best "Mommy" in the whole world. My sister, Joanne, and I have always called her Mommy. It sounds kind of funny coming from two 60 something girls, but that is who she will always be to us. Her name is Marion and she is 86 now and not in the best of health. But, she still lives alone across the street from my sister in Florida. I miss not getting to be with her more but I call her two times a day to see how she is. She is the kindest, sweetest and most loving woman. I do not think that I could have been born to a better mom than her. She has led an exemplary life to me. I know that her mom, my Grandma Jennie was also a wonderful woman and my Mommy must have gotten her goodness from her. My mom and grandma are 100% Swedish descent and that makes me 50% Swedish, a badge I proudly wear. If there is anything at all of goodness in me, it is because of my "Mommy". Happy Mother's Day and I love you!

Mother's Day

Today was Mother's Day 2009. It was a beautiful day weatherwise and lovely in other ways too. Church was uplifting and homey with all those that we know and love as our church family. Lindsay gave a nice talk today on "How I can prepare now,
as a young woman, to be a mother someday". She did a good job. We got a nice visit from Adam and Trish and the kids and phone visits with Jennie and Kristen. Sometimes it is exasperating to be mother, but today is was a good feeling. I have some of the sweetest sons and daughters in the world and I am proud of all of them. I would not change the fact that I am a mother to twelve for anything. May God bless all of you who make my life what it is. The picture I have on this post is of our family many years ago in Ormond Beach, Florida. We were young and with faith in the Lord we started our big family. I know that it was the right thing to do and we have had the Lord's blessings in our endeavor all these years. Trials and goodtimes, mixed with everyday living, but all of it was worth it. Seventeen grandchildren later we would not change our decision to have a big family for any other lifestyle. I know we have fulfilled God's plan for us, and with his blessing too.