Monday, January 25, 2010

I Have Been Thinking...

    I have been thinking about the Haiti earthquake everyday since it happened. My heart has been especially touched by the images of the orphan children who have been so innocently affected by this terrible and unimaginable act of nature. There was already 300,000 orphans in Haiti before the earthquake and now there is no way to know how many more innocent little children have been put into a position of not having any family to live with because they are gone. They need our prayers and monetary assistance. They need the people around the world to focus on them and daily keep them in their hearts, mind and prayers.
    I read where the UN wanted to make sure that adoption of these orphans was a "last resort". UNICEF, which is the children's arm of the UN has come out for this idea. It seems to me that if there was already 300,000 orphans and who knows how many more that a supposedly child oriented organization would want to fine safe and  happy homes for these children no matter where it was. I believe that this is an achievable cause, and that there are plenty of loving families that want to give good homes to these children who in the best of times had a second rate existence. The concern for the life and soul of the children should come first. Not global politics or political correctness. I pray for the children and the good families that are willing to adopt them. If I had a chance, I would be glad myself to give a home to anyone of them.
    On another related note, as I have been tempted to complain about the little inconveniences in life these last few weeks, my mind has quickly recalled the images of the poor people of Haiti, especially the women and children. It reminds me that I have nothing at all to complain about. I quickly feel ashamed and say a little prayer for them.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Internet Troubles-Again!

   What a time I had this last week trying to get our internet to work. I know some of our family and friends thought we fell off the face of the earth, but for some reason it stopped working one morning. After checking everything out and trying to fix it myself, I called Verizon. I went the rounds with the tech man and he finally said he would send me another modem. We waited for about 3 days for that to come and then hooked it up. No internet! Again I called Verizon and went the rounds again and the tech man said that the new modem must be bad so I will send you another. We waited again. When it came, I hooked it all up and to no avail. So, on the phone with another tech man again.  After he ran through everything with me again, he decided that my ethernet cable might be bad. So off to Radio Shack the next morning. They wanted 38.00 for a new cable so I ran over to Walmart and got one for 30.00. Quite a lot of money for a cable, but we did need a 50 foot cable.

     When I came home I decided to have a prayer before I hooked it up. I cautiously proceeded to hook it up and when I tested it it did work. So, it was the cable which we only had for 5 months. With a little more tweaking with the router, I was able to get things into full swing again. Everyone is happy now. One week without internet is hard these days, although I think we all got along pretty well.  Now we can keep up with family and friends on a daily basis again and Briggs can do his genealogy. I can pay the bills and look up "important" things. It is interesting how we have become dependent upon the modern technical things we have these days. But if it all went away, we would still be ok. I canceled our cell phone a year or so ago and we have gotten along just fine. In the meantime, it is nice to have the internet back again!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

2010 Begins

The kids are back in school and things are back to normal now. It has been so cold, but looks like it is going to warm up some now. We still have lots of snow around our yard, but if it stays warm enough for a few days, I suppose it will melt away. Will we get another snow? Your guess is as good as mine. The new semester of school will start next week and we will be on the count down to warmer weather and the end of school again. It seems that the days, weeks and months pass so quickly. Where does the time go? I will be going to visit Katie's family in Arizona on February 3 and then when I get back Spring will be ready to be "sprung". At the end of February the little yellow daffodils begin to bloom. That is something I look forward to because they are the flower of my month, March, and my favorite.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Facebook or Blogging

I have not blogged much lately because I have been visiting Facebook quite a lot. Facebook is good to keep up with your friends on a minute by minute basis, but for creativity-there is none. I consider myself somewhat creative, so now that the new year has come, I think I will do more blogging. I like the creativity of it and it gives more opportunity to expound on thoughts and feelings. So Happy New Year to all my family and friends and expect to find more posts on my blogs. I will list new posts on Facebook. Perhaps no one is interested, but for me it is a way to keep alive the memories, thoughts and feelings of this old granny! xxoo