Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Back Blogging Again

For a month now I have been unable to satisfactorily blog. I missed it too. Facebook is nice to keep up with friends and family, but blogging is more creative and lasting. We have satellite internet and because I uploaded too much when I signed up for a file storing website the satellite company zapped us for a month. When they do that, they slow your internet speed down to almost nothing.
It is very frustrating and disappointing, when you want to do anything on the computer. Now I can upload (sparingly) and download (sparingly), and keep up with being a creative blogger. I hope that my family and friends will be visitng my blogs again. I see that there is a way to print your blogs in scrapbook fashion so you can save them with a hard copy. That would be nice and I might look into it. I am including on this post a scrapbook page I did that is an old picture of Briggs and I with Jonell and Arlo, Mac and Hazel and Wally and Kristen. I was pregnant with "Little Briggs" so it is in 1967. Such sweet memories of the past! I will also be able to check out all of your blogs that I have not been able to see for a while.