Friday, October 21, 2011

Wedding On The Beach

 Bryan and Rachel

     Last Saturday we headed down to Topsail Beach for a wedding. Our grandson, Bryan is in the Marines near Jacksonville, NC and he fell in love with a sweet girl, Rachel. It was a beautiful weekend and  Poppy, Kelly, Gabriel, Gatlin and I drove down on Friday and attended the lovely beach wedding the next day. Gatlin and Gabriel had a good time and were good travelers. The weather was wonderful at the beach and all weekend. Fall at it's best in North Carolina. Wishing the bride and groom and happy and blessed life together.

 Now For Family and Friends

 Bryan and Uncle Rob and Aunt Deanna
 Rachel, Josselyn and Gabriel
Bryan and Poppy

Bryan and Grammy

Our Family
 Gabriel and Bryan-Cousins

Beach Fun

Our Traveling Pictures

Gatlin on the porch of the Super 8

Doing some traveling stuff.

Yeah! Asleep
On Saturday night we spent a nice evening with Rob and Cecilia. Gatlin met some special
canine friends, their dogs, Cody, Cady and Charger. I must say that Gatlin was a good traveler and behaved really well on the whole trip.


Trish said...

Beautiful Beach Wedding! Love it! Bride and Groom look very happy!

Unknown said...

What beautiful memories! I have two beautiful teenagers and no grandkids. Thank You God!Your site is so pretty with a great country feel. Really nice to stroll around. Thanks