Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Out of the Wild Blue!

Ok, everyone knows my sob story about how awful my slooooow dial-up internet is. Verizon has decided to stop it's DSL lines at my friends house and she only lives 1.7 miles down the road from me. They cannot give any time frame for coming further so "out of the blue" the other night, I was surfing around and came across the website for Wild Blue, a satellite internet service much like Hughes Net. After reading all about the company, I talked to Briggs and we decided to go ahead and sign up. I found out you have to have a two year contract with verizon if you sign up for DSL anyway and so this sounded pretty good. They claim to have a more up to date system than Hughes Net and also 24 hour technical help that is not outsourced to another country, if you know what I mean. They are now offering a leasing agreement for 149.00 for equipment. I will cancel my second phone line that I pay 30.00 a month for and MSN which is 22.00 and it should be just about enough to cover the monthly fee. We are hoping it will work well way out here in the country with all the trees and hills. It should-as we have Direct TV and it works really well.

"A clear view of the Southern sky" is all we need to be online at a speed that we have been waiting for. I am soooo looking forward to having a lot more fun on the internet and saving loads of time that I can use in other ways. I am almost ashamed to tell you that I offered up a little prayer once in a while, that we would soon get faster internet. Well, I guess the answer to my prayer came "out of the blue" the Wild Blue!


Curiosity said...

Wow...I am happy that your nightmares of DSL may be gone.
I remember those sunday meals.
I remember your biscuits and Grandma Gilliam's soups. Remember the one she made with turkey and noodles, a tomato based with vegetables. Those were good times. Even the times we had simple beans and biscuits sometimes.

Trish said...

I am so happy to hear that the slooooow Internet troubles may soon be a thing of your past. That is pretty exciting! Yeah!!

greentail said...

Mom, You'll love it. I'm excited for you. One of the best parts of high speed is the availability of just about any video segment or movie/tv show that pops in your head. I can't recall if I asked you whether you wanted the old huges satellite system that we had several years back. I basically gave it away. Anyhow congrats! I would think about DSL once it makes it out farther.