Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Chloe's St. Patrick's Day Program

On Tuesday night, Chloe's second grade class had their St. Patrick's Day program at the PTO. She goes to Glenwood School, a beautiful elementary school, nestled in the rolling countryside of North Carolina. I love the location and the view from the school. With an old country store across the street and farms and nice homes along the roads, you could not ask for a pretty place for a school. We are blessed to have this area of the country to live in. I made a scrapbook page for her with the pictures we took at the program.


ScrapGirls Ro said...

How fun! I didn't know they had school programs for St. Patrick's Day. She'll be so happy you made this page for her!

Anonymous said...

She is such a sweet girl. Make sure you tell her that Uncle Robbie is proud and loves her. Since we were not fortunate to have kids, I have to live that part of life through my numerous nieces and nephews.

Anita said...

Chloe is so cute and always seems so happy. I love your blog