Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kitchen Aid to Bosch

Many years ago when I was a younger mom, I use to bake whole wheat bread pretty much on a regular basis. In our kitchen we had a Kitchen Aid for a while which I like very much. Later we had Bosch mixer. I really liked it too but probably ran it to death because when we moved to the country it did not come with us and it disappeared from my memory.

Lately we have been trying to work harder on our supply of food storage and my thoughts have turned to wheat and other basic types of food storage items. Around Christmas-time I got a super deal on Gold Medal flour and bought up a pretty good amount while it was available. For some reason I began to think of how I needed to use this flour in rotation. My mind began to be focused upon baking bread again and using the white flour with our wheat. Along with that thought came the thought to buy a mixer that would be handy in mixing bread. Having had a Kitchen Aid in the past and knowing that Paula Deen and other famous food stars usually use a Kitchen Aid, I did some research and found a beautiful aqua Kitchen Aid on the Macy's website. The decorating "queen" in me took over and the beautiful aqua color coordinated so well with my new kitchen that I ordered it pronto. It was a beautiful machine.

I used it a few times. But, several design changes from the old style bothered me and I found out it could not do but two loaves of bread comfortably. That is when my memory kicked in and I remembered we did have a Bosch mixer years ago too. Why didn't I remember that? A Bosch will do many loaves of bread and hold 15 pounds of dough comfortably! I immediately did my homework and found that it got best reviews all over the internet along with lots of complimentary You-tube videos. I was hooked and found the best site on the internet to order one. It is Pleasant Hill Grain. I sent back the Kitchen Aid to Macy's. They were gracious enough to accept my return and refund my money.

For the first time today I used my new Bosch Universal Plus and love it. It mixed my four loaves of whole wheat bread just fine and kneads it too. I love the large capacity bowl. It has a blender attachment that is suppose to blend with super speed. This thing should last me the rest of my life.


Anita said...

I love your new mixer. Is the Bosch also aqua? The bread looks wonderful!

momof2girls said...

That bread looks amazing. Wish I had some.