Friday, August 8, 2008

Eat My Bubbles !

This summer has been a big time for swimming on the swim team for our family. We have six grandchildren on the McDowell Mariners Swim Team. Caleb, Joshua, Rahlee ,Ian, Jade and Chloe. For two months parents, grandparents and children participate on a daily basis in practicing and going to swim meets- swim meets at home and swim meets in other towns in our Mountain Swim League. It takes effort and is a time consuming sport, but the benefits outweigh the work and time. All the kids have had a great time associating with other kids and sharing the experience with them. They have all improved in their swimming strokes and speed and have a sport that will always be theirs. Lasting relationships have been formed and sharing this sport with Mom and Dad, Poppy and Grammy will always be remembered.
A bonus this summer has been that Adam and Aimee, as sister and brother, have been the coaches for the team. It has been so nice to see them working together. Both of them were on the Mariners Swim Team many years ago and now their kids are part of the team.

Many years ago, Poppy and Grammy were participants as parents so it was just natural that we wanted to be part of our grandkids team again. All the kids have learned to be really good swimmers this summer and improve all their strokes and times. But this was Chloe's first year and she did not know how to swim at all when she came to the first practice. She struggled and worked so hard to learn the freestyle stroke. Before long, she was swimming with much more ease. She was so proud of herself and never gave up even though it was a struggle at times. She still has improvement to make, but by the end of the two months she was swimming all the strokes and jumping off the block instead of the side of the pool. I can't help but think that her self-esteem has been given a big boost by her accomplishment. We are proud of each of the grandkids- Caleb, Josh, Rahlee, Ian, Jade and Chloe. "Eat my bubbles"


Trish said...

Love the pictures! I love that you and Poppy both put effort in to attending for the grandkids as well as Poppy participating and being a timer. It IS great memories for the kids!

Aimee said...

It was an awesome summer. Every so often I would look up and see dad timing and it reminded me of some of the best summers of my life. Thanks!