Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Joy, Joy, Joy!

I was reading an article by Anne Perry in the Meridian Magazine, early this morning. My writing today is a quote from that article.

" Life itself is one endless blessing that I have not really earned yet. I have one opportunity after another to do something good, make something, taste of what is beautiful, delicious, funny, wise, in all ways precious. I have simply to look out of the window to see the light on the water, countless flowers in the garden. I can listen to music, I can hear the wind in the grass, I can taste raspberries, crusty bread, I can smell clean linen, fresh rain, cut grass. Best of all, I can wake up tomorrow and start again, try harder, use this gift of time to do something good. I can be kinder, I can forgive and seek to be forgiven. I can manage pain or disappointment with more faith, and less self-centeredness.
Altogether I have another chance to make myself into what I really want to be, and that is to include helping others make themselves into what they want to be.
God holds a hand out to help us – not a foot out to trip us up. I think sometimes we forget that. There are no tricks in the fine print. Man is that he might have joy."

If I could only keep this in mind each and every day of my life. How much more happy and joyful would I be and how much more joyful would my family be. I have a decoration above my bathroom sink. It is really a Christmas decoration I bought at Christmastime. When I redecorated my bathroom I put it above the mirror because it does reflect what I want to be and what I want my home to be. "Joy, Joy, Joy". I need to look at it more often and remember this
quote by Anne Perry.

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