Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Trick or Treat

"Trick or Treating" is a much anticipated night for all the kids in our house. This year it seems that the trick was on the Gilliams though. The evening leading up to the time we would leave for our fun night, was quite frustrating and wild, to say the least. Not only for the Briggs Gilliam home, but for the Adam Gilliam home too. All calmed down by 6:00pm though and Allison and I were off to our church's "Trunk or Treat" with a car load of kids and a baby. But since it was was getting late and dark, we decided to skip "Trunk or Treat" and head on down to State Street in Marion. Gabe was sick but he insisted on going and made a heroic effort to keep up with all of us. Gatlin caught on quickly to the ways of begging folks for candy and looked so cute in his little Spider Suit. The evening started out wild, but ended quietly and another successful Gilliam Halloween was over.


Curiosity said...

I am glad you had a successful Halloween night. I remember that song you sang to us when we were little.

Aimee said...

On October 31st when the sun comes to set, that the night of halloween witches at thier best - ghost and goblins....beware...that is all I remember, but have tried to recount it to my kids as well. kudos mom, you still got it going on!