Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Back to Blogging-Chloe's Sleepover

After a busy week of Christmas and being sick for the last few days I am up and ready to fill everyone in on the family activities of the last week and a half or so. Chloe's sleepover was the fun activity for the week before Christmas. She planned her sleepover for a month, made invitations, planned the food, and made all sorts of signs and tags for the girls. Including Chloe, there were seven little girls here-Chloe, Rahlee, Jade, Madison, Jenna, Ruby and Sydni. Cousin Lindsay helped to keep the party going too. Things went pretty well for the whole affair, except for a few little times that Chloe got frustrated. All and all I think the kids all had fun both in the evening and the next day. The pictures show the girls sitting in their assigned spots (by Chloe) listening to her read a special story. Not all of them were thrilled to sit still and listen, but we coaxed them into making it through. I gave Rahlee, Jade and Chloe their Christmas present from me-Hanna Montanna or High School Musical, pjs and that is what you see them wearing in these pictures. The next day was very warm and they all had a good time playing outside. Now, Grammy was glad when they all began to leave, but it was fun and a special thing for Chloe to do and remember.


Trish said...

Those Jammies are so Cute! I am glad Chloe's sleepover was a success! Thank You to Grammy for sacraficing your house to that many little girls! LOL

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Great pictures :) Come enter the giveaway on my blog! Happy New Year 2009!