Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Haircut At Last!

Well, our little Gatlin finally got his first haircut. And he looks soooo cute! Allison, Gabe and I went to Jerry's Barbershop, and Gabe and Gatlin both got haircuts. Gatlin was a good as he could be getting his haircut. Not a fuss or cry out of him. The barber, Jerry, had a Christmas train set up and gave him a remote so he could make it go round and round the tracks. He even was able to make a snowman wiggle and move. As you can see in these pictures the haircut was well worth the wait. He is such and handsome little boy with big brown eyes. Sometimes he gives a funny little grimace like the one in one of these pictures. Gabe got a good trim, much to his chagrin, but later on he admitted that it was not too bad.

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Trish said...

Gatlins new hair looks so great! He is one cute little boy! What a fun barber shop to go to! :0)