Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Counter Tops At Last

Our counter tops have been a long time coming. The man said 2-3 weeks and it is a month now, but today is the day. I am excited because we have been living with makeshift particleboard pieces covered with an old plastic table cloth. I can't complain though and am blessed to have what we have. It has all worked out as well as if we had the most expensive counters in the world. But....in an hour or so he will be here and install our jade green quartz counters and new composite granite sink. I have purchased some really pretty glass tile that is a light green/blue with black checkerboard pattern for the backsplash. Adam is going to help me get going on putting that up in a day or so. Tomorrow the nice, efficient cabinet man from Lowes will install the new window over the kitchen sink. We are getting a slider window instead of double hung. It will be easier to open and shut. Briggs is putting up the molding along the top of the ceiling today. He does work hard at doing the things I ask him to do. Tomorrow afternoon it will be backer board for the tile. It is nice to have a husband that is willing to chip in and do his part. I have to admit to feeling a little guilty getting this "new" kitchen, but I think every woman should have a nice "new" kitchen once in her life. It is a blessing I am grateful for.

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Curiosity said...

I am happy for you. They sound very pretty. I know you will be happy to get this all behind you so you can enjoy it in it's full functionality.