Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What is Pumpkin Moonshine Anyway?

When I said I was naming the new kitty Pumpkin Moonshine, all the kids laughed. They thought it had to do with liquor moonshine. That is not the case though. Pumpkin Moonshine is a book by Tasha Tudor, a famous children's book author from New England. I have loved her books and lifestyle for many years. Ask my older kids and they will know who she is. Pumpkin Moonshine is a book about a little girl named Sylvie Ann who goes to her grandparents house and finds the best pumpkin in the patch to carve. Her Grandpawp helps her carve it after her adventure of the day finding the pumpkin with her dog Wiggie.
"Sylvie and Grandpawp put the Pumpkin Moonshine on the front gate post, then they hid in the bushes to watch how terrified the passers by would be at the sight of this fierce Pumpkin Moonshine. They had a wonderful time."

Tasha Tudor, a children’s illustrator whose pastel watercolors and delicately penciled lines depicted an idyllic, old-fashioned vision of the 19th-century way of life she famously pursued — including weaving, spinning, gathering eggs and milking goats — died at 92, in Marlboro, Vt.
Here is a link to her website. http://tashatudorandfamily.com/
It is worth a look and wonderful books to read to children.

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Curiosity said...

I want a little girls so I can name her Sylvie Ann Kurono. I love that name Sylvie Ann. Not to replace my lovely daughter, Lindsay Jean. Both are perfect names. I love Tasha Tudor's style,too.