Saturday, August 27, 2011

Working On the" Beach Room", Gabe's Room

 Before Pictures

The past few weeks I have been working on redoing the bedroom that has been the "boys room". Moving Johnathon out to a little cottage on our property has freed up the bedroom to become Gabe's room and  tv room for the kids, or as I call it the "beach room". I decided that I had to do something about the unkept nature of the room that all the boys and their friends gathered in. Time for a redo. Time to move older kids out. Time to gain control! Moving Jon out was the beginning. For about 4 months I have been collecting little decorating items at garage sales and other places. I have a "beachy" vision for this room and Gabe doesn't seem to care so I am going ahead with my plan. It has been fun ordering little things like bamboo blinds and L.L. Bean tables in turquoise with the idea that they would go good with the room. So, I have painted the ceiling and walls and wallpapered the lower part of the wall with beadboard wallpaper that looks just like the real thing. Today I painted  Gabe's computer desk with primer and will put a coat of white semi-gloss on it tomorrow. I have wallpapered the closet and my handy, dandy husband put a formica counter to in it to make a desk. He also installed a nice white bamboo look ceiling fan a few weeks ago.I plan to pare down my scrapbooking supplies and use the new desk area in the closet  for a scrapbooking "room". Things are shapping up pretty nicely now that the major jobs have been finished. Tomorrow the couch goes in and I have purchased a denim slip cover for it. Maybe I can get my handy, dandy husband to put up the bamboo shades tomorrow too. We shall see.
New paint and beadboard wallpaper

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