Sunday, January 27, 2008

Biding Time

Biding time is the name of the game as I spend a few weeks here in Arizona with my sweet daughter Katie and her family. She is on bed rest to prevent her going into labor for her second child which is due on March 3. When she called a few weeks ago, I was quite worried about her condition as my son's twin boys were born on November 10 at 26 weeks and only weighing in at 1# plus each. It has been a long several months worrying about and praying for sweet little Andrew and Aiden and their growth and development. Now they are weighing 5 plus for Andrew and 4 plus for Aiden. They are doing real well, but still have their Brady apnea spells so are still in the NICU. This was certainly not what I had in mind for Katie and little Emma. I flew out here a week ago to help her and Michael with Ellie Rose, who is 1 year old. So far Katie is doing well and we hope for a positive outcome. So much for preterm labor. I never thought much about it, but it is something our family is much acquainted with now. Andrew and Aiden are God's little miracles and I know Emma will be too. Thank you Heavenly Father.

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