Sunday, January 27, 2008

First time post.

Blogging is a new word to me, but I think that it could be a theraputic thing, along with being of service to others in that your experiences in life could help someone or perhaps make them laugh, or even make them glad because they don't have YOUR life! Raising 12 children has been busy, hectic, satisfying, worrisome, expensive, happy, sad, rough, funny, loving, disappointing, wild, unbelieveable, and almost any positive or negative emotion you could use to describe raising kids. Just give it a double, triple, or quadruple dose compared to other moms. We are certainly not the Dugger family from TV. Perfection is not our label as a family but our children have been raised in a Christian home and all the seeds of a Christian upbringing are apparent in each of their personalities and lives. I have to say that each of them has made us proud in many ways. They are good, loving, generous and accomplished people and growing more so each year. I am proud of each of them and how they are turning out. They each have qualities that I could want to emmulate. Some day I will tell you about them individually. This is a picture of a few us us at Thanksgiving. I took the picture so I am not in it, as usual. Later I will post a better picture we had taken two years ago.

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