Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Journey is Worth Taking by Ro

I am posting this because it is much like me and perhaps some of you too.

I have the annoying habit of wanting everything to be over with right now.
When I am washing the dishes, I am anxious to get the job finished so that I can move onto the next thing on my list. When I take my shower, I am thinking about what I will do at work that day. When I am standing at my closet, I wish I was already dressed. When I am drying my hair, I get slightly bothered that it isn’t drying fast enough. When I am shopping for purses, I become anxious that I have not located the perfect one yet as I move from store to store.
I am constantly looking further on. I fail to see where I am. I rarely stop and sink into the moment with an, “Ahhhhhh… this is life!”
I am pushing, pushing, pushing ahead. Where is the end of the path? Is it over that hill? No? Perhaps, the next one then… Not there, either? Maybe it will be past that clump of trees.
Occasionally, it occurs to me to stop and look around me. The spirit calls, “See the beauty around you? Recognize the love that you have? Do you get it? You are already blessed. You don’t need to have more or go further to feel blessed.”
I love those moments of clarity. They are the moments of sheer joy that sparkle in the sun like cut class in a window. When I remember them, I hold each one close and I try to recreate the moment again.
And then, I begin walking along my life’s path once more, realizing the journey that I am on is what it is all about and I will arrive at my destination far too soon.Challenge for today: Stop, look and find a moment of joy to shimmer in your window.
- Ro

Credit for this is to Ro Paxson

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