Thursday, March 27, 2008

Not Forgetting Emma

To keep current with writing my thoughts on the different things that are happening in our family, I want to write a little bit about our newest family member, Emma Elizabeth. Of course I went to Arizona early because we thought she would come early. Katie obeyed the requests of her doctor and stayed on bedrest, while I helped out with Ellie and the house work. The good thing about it all was I got to know Ellie very well. I hope she has not forgotten me since I left.

Katie came off bedrest and we started to go out more and enjoyed each other as mom and daughter. I was certain that Emma would come by the time that I changed my plane ticket which was 10 days later than my first return time. We waited and waited but as luck would have it, Katie's body was not ready to give birth yet. I had to leave and so I did. Two days after I came home, little Emma made her debut. I did not get to see her born or hold her in my arms or be a help to Ellie and Katie after the birth. I regret that very much. But, being with Ellie and Katie for the 7 weeks I was there was worth it all. We will see Emma when she comes in June and I look forward to that. Katie keeps us informed about Emma's progress and how Ellie is reacting to having a little sister. Now we have three new little babies in our family. Aiden, Andrew and Emma makes three.

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Lynell said...

I just happened to be looking for lds mom blogs and came across yours. Wow, what an example! I like to read Grandma blogs. It's just the wisdom and insight I need!

Congrats on your new little one. What fun!