Thursday, September 1, 2011

Busy Mommy Day For a Grammy

Up early today and off to Morganton to the dentist. It was Gatlin's first visit. He kept saying he did not want to go to the dentist, but he did so good. No trouble at all. Then a quick stop at my Dr. Was in order. By the time we left there we were so hungry that we could not just pass by Mickey D's. We had to stop for a Happy Meal. The Computer Hospital is fixing one of our computers so we stopped to see if it was ready. Not so yet. Trish and Adam live close by our way home so we stopped for a quick visit. Back at our town we stopped at the furniture store to check on sofa swatches. Of course you can't go to town without stopping at Wally World so that was where we got some food, an ink cartridge, a decorating magazine ( I don't usually buy them), but this one looked so good," Flea Market Style", and some paper towels. It rang up to be only 100.00! What a Wally World bargain. Must have been those pink slippers I threw in at the last minute! Oh, did I say we had to run next door to Food Lion for a book of stamps? Finally, we headed home. Hopefully to curl up on the couch with that expensive decorating magazine. ( pizza,and fix it yourself night) just in case you were wondering what the troops were getting for supper. Just as I was settling in for the night with my expensive magazine I heard Chloe say, "Grandma, we have to go to the school for a meeting about my field trip to "Disney World" right now." Get up, put your clothes back on and head put the door. Might as well not complain. This is my life, it's crazy, but it's my life!

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Katia said...

That's good to hear. It can be hard for parents to take their children to the dentist, don't you think? The best way to do it is to show them that everything will be okay, and hope for the best. Be kid-friendly, like the dentist who'll check up on their teeth!

-Katia Craig