Monday, September 26, 2011

Gatlin Starts Preschool-Chloe Rides "Friday" Saturday?

 Here is Gatlin brushing his teeth before his first day of school. Looks pretty happy, huh?

Gatlin started Head Start today. He will be five in December so we felt it would be a good thing for him to go to preschool for a while before starting kindergarten. So he did get accepted into Head Start. He has been interested in going to "school" for quite some time, but as the moment arrived for him to enter into the school, he seemed a little on the reserved side. He has gone for a week now and seems to be "pretty" ok with it, but not so enthused as I had anticipated.

But, I am sure he will get into the groove of it as the weeks pass and it will be a good thing for him to learn the way it works at "school". I hope so. For him to be happy and learn is what matters the most. I tired to get him to smile for these "first day of school" pictures but he wouldn't. He is smiling more now when we pick him up. School is an adjustment and he is just beginning his 14 year trek to the big day of graduation and going out into the world. My prayer for him is that his journey through school will be happy, fun, full of learning and a smooth ride.

And speaking of a smooth ride. Chloe got on "Friday" for a while this Saturday and rode around. With Poppy's help, of course. A big step for her.

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