Saturday, September 17, 2011

Horsein' Around

     It has been a long time since Lindsay got on her horse Friday. The last time he took off like a flash and she ended up on the ground with him trying to jump the fence. All ended well though. Only a broken saddle, not bones. It happened because Poppy said to take him down to the other pasture and it was new to him when he got there so he just took off like a flash out of excitement. Unfortunately, Lindsay was in the saddle and had to take off with him.

    But, today Lindsay just decided to saddle him up and see what would happen to this otherwise tame and pretty docile animal. Pretty soon she had him all saddled. Poppy came out to hold him while she got on. He is a very tall horse. He led them around a bit to make sure and then let her go on her own. They both did fine. She decided that she would saddle him up every few days and keep him use to being ridden and get more experience herself. That is what you have to do they say. "Get right back up in the saddle again."

Poppy is letting Gatlin pet Friday. Bella is our small sweet horse.

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