Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"Step Out In Faith"

This is from my Scrapgirls newsletter this morning. Nice advice.

Clammy, shocks, clenching....

Shocks of clamminess clenched my stomach as I looked out my bedroom window over the valley. I didn’t know what to do and the decision I must make was causing me to experience mild panic attacks at night. After a few days, I began to dread the attacks and soon I found myself watching television late into the night because I knew that when I turned off the television the attacks would come.

This morning, I awoke with two thoughts drumming in my brain. “You know what to do. Step forward with faith.”

Immediately, I realized that a decision I was trying to make was the source of my distress. I was pushing down my true feelings. I was forcing myself to choose something that I didn’t like because it seemed more responsible. My internal critic was responding to potential criticism – real and imagined.

Instantly, I knew what to do. I decided what to do. I stepped off the curb with faith. I’ll find out in time l if I made the correct decision, but, no matter what happens, I'm glad I listened to my heart.

- Ro

P.S. I find it interesting how often my problems solve themselves during the first few groggy moments of the day. This is why I keep a notebook on my nightstand. I want to write the impressions down before I miss them. I recommend that you try it, too!

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