Monday, February 2, 2009

Ian's 12th Birthday!

Today is Ground Hog Day, February 2. Twelve years ago today, Ian Briggs Gilliam, our grandson was born. He has grown up to be a great kid. Smart, sweet and happy. He is the oldest son of our son Adam. On Saturday we all met at the skating rink for a birthday party. I brought a car load of cousins and he had some school buddies there. Everyone had fun skating and celebrating! His cousins, Joshua, Chris, Lindsay, Gabriel and Chloe were there. We brought Seth Bradley, a friend of Gabriel"s and his sister Jade had fun with Chloe. Uncle Kelly and Aunt Aimee were there too, along with the rest of Ian's family. We look forward to watching Ian continue to grow into a good young man. I can't believe he is almost in junior high. It seems like yesterday that Kelly and I were at the hospital waiting for him to be born. Time goes by fast!

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