Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Snow Day!!!!!!!!!??????????

Ringggggggggg...early this morning. It was our seminary teacher, Debbie, letting us know that there was no school today. Then soon after, ringgggg...again. This time Dr. Trollinger called with his recording to let us know it was a snow day. All of this before 6:00 am. Now, Chloe usually sleeps until almost 7 because she does not have to get up so early as the teenagers, but this morning she is
up and going. I WANT TO SLEEP! IT'S A SNOW DAY! NO SCHOOL KIDS! But Gabe and Chloe are so excited about no school they could not sleep. I am kind of glad, because Gabe was questioning me last night on wheather we would have school since we had a little snow come down yesterday evening. I am glad he is not disappointed. Now, if they will only be quiet and happy all day. Then I think I will enjoy this snow day! Oh, the pictures are of the snow that fell in great big flakes late yesterday afternoon.

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