Saturday, February 23, 2008

Aiden Finally Comes Home

God is good! You hear that said so often, but when a miracle happens in your family, you come to know the real meaning of that phrase. You beleive it all your life, but when you have your prayers answered for the preserving of a life (or two lives in this case), your understanding of God's great love and ability to bless his children becomes reinforced. Our twin grandsons were born on November 10 at 26 weeks and weighing 1 pound plus each. The three months since then has been wrought with worry, cares and prayer. Andrew came home a few weeks ago and left his little brother in the hospital.

But this week the second twin Aiden came home too! Aiden had a little harder time than Andrew with his growing and developing and learning how to breathe on his own. He had several health issues that called for a priesthood blessing from his grandpa. Finally, the doctors said he could go home. His mom and dad spent 24 hours in the hospital, learning how to care for him at home, as he has to have a monitor for a time. Since coming home he is cozy and happy with his brother Andrew, and I, as their "grammy" rejoice in the goodness and great healing power of Heavenly Father. I have nothing but praise also for Adam and Trish, the parents of the "boys".

It has been a long hard journey, which is still not over, but through this extremely hard hospital phase they have been lovingly diligent in caring for their babies.

God is loving. God is kind. God is Good! Thank you God!

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