Thursday, February 28, 2008

Oh My Stars!

I am still here in Arizona and just decided to eat my nightly treat (a Bryers low carb ice cream bar) out on the front porch, so I could enjoy the beauty of the Arizona night sky-actually, North Carolina has the most beautiful night sky. But I have been known to be prejudiced toward North Carolina. Anyway, when I gazed up into the sky and saw the beauty of all the stars, I felt an overwhelming need to thank my Heavenly Father for all the blessings he has blessed me with lately. I also prayed that He would let our little Emma be born before I have to leave next Wednesday-according to his will and healthy and stong of course. I am so anxious to see her! Seeing that big expanse of sky and all the beautiful stars is evidence that God is truly in the Heavens and even better, right down here with us, blessing us each day. After enjoying my ice cream and taking in the night sky, I went into the house and checked my email. I had gotten a picture of my son Adam holding his two beautiful miracle babies, Aiden and Andrew. Born at 26 weeks, struggling to live, ups and downs and worries and scares, both of them have come home now. First came Andrew and now Aiden and they weigh 6 plus and 7 plus pounds each, a whole 5 and 6 pounds more than at birth. From now on when I look into the sky and see God's creations in the Heavens, ONE of the miracles I will give praise and thanks for will be Aiden and Andrew. "Please come to see me before I leave, little EMMA. Grammy Carol is very thankful for you too"!

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