Monday, February 4, 2008

Andrew Comes Home

Hurray! One of our little twin grandsons has finally come home after almost 3 months in the NICU. It is truly a blessing and a miracle from a loving Father in Heaven. I could never imagine the stress and strain that Adam and Trish have experienced for the last several months as they worried and prayed for their two little blessings from Heaven. I, myself, have been in constant prayer throughout each day hoping that each day brought good news about the babies. Medical care has certainly advanced these days and is something every family will someday realize they are thankful for. We certainly are! Now that Andrew is home and the family adjusts to the many things involved in caring for a new baby, we await the homecoming of Aiden. He has always lagged a little bit behind Andrew so has a few more weeks to catch up. They are however, moving him closer to home, to the hospital where he was born but not equipped to care for preemies in their condition. Now it can now accomodate his lesser needs. It will be a big help to Adam and Trish as they will be only a few miles from him and perhaps feel like he has progressed along with his brother toward home. Angels around us? Yes, there are! I would like to say that they are the wonderful nurses in the NICU unit where Andrew and Aiden have resided for these few months. Much love and thanks go out to them and a kind and loving Father in Heaven who provided Aiden and Andrew with good care and healing.

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