Friday, February 1, 2008

I Love Scrapbooking

If anyone was to ask me what it is I love to do when I have some free time to relax and sit down, it is scrapbooking. About 15 years ago, when the hobby was in its beginning stages, my sister-in-law visited us and brought with her, the new hobby of scrapbooking that was just taking off out west. I immediately took to it and have been buying scrapbooking supplies ever since. Yes, I think I buy more supplies than I actually scrapbook. I could open up a store, I have so many stickers and embleshments sitting around.

Scrapbooking, to me, is a form of journaling and a part of recording your family history. I envision that the Lord is going to let us scrapbookers have our precious scrapbooks in Heaven as a reminder and history of our previous life on earth. If not, I do not know why we are spending so much time and money doing it. And have you ever noticed that you are really the only person that is really interested in all those pages you have created. I have noticed that when I share an album with someone, they just flip through each page so fast that they could not possibily be fully appreciating all the thought, time, money and love that I put into it.

But all of that aside, I will be a scrapbooker until the day I can no longer sit up in my chair or bed. I love it! I love paper scrapbooking the best and creating real touchable albums, but recently I have been doing some digital pages and have found that you can make a layout that is beautiful too, with only your computer and a mouse- and really fast. The internet is full of online digital websites with even some free layout kits that are out of this world. My favorite is Shabby Princess which has a link to the right of this blog.

However I decide to scrapbook on a given day might be up for grabs, but the fact that I will be interested in scrapbooking for life is undisputable.

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